How do I know if YOURquotes is for me?

You want to show the brilliance of your writing and your message through the powerful golden nuggets found in your books, blog posts or social media posts? Then YOURquotes is the perfect option for you. We distill the essence of your writing by extracting the most beautiful, meaningful and emotional quotes from your original work.


How do I benefit from YOURquotes?

You can use the quotes for social media posts, especially on memes, highlight them on your website, in your newsletter, or on your merchandise items. There are no limits to your creativity!


Do I have to have a published book to benefit from YOURquotes?

No, absolutely not. While we mainly work with authors, we distill quotes from all types of writing, including blog posts or longer social media posts.


What does it cost to have my quotes distilled from my book?

The price depends on the time we need to complete the work for you. After we know how much there is to read we’ll send you an estimate.

Here are a few examples for prices:

  • Distilling quotes from a 100-page book: $ 260
  • Distilling quotes from a 200-page book: $ 460
  • Distilling quotes from a 400-page book: $ 860

How many quotes can I expect to receive?

That’s very unpredictable. Our experience shows that it’s somewhere around one hundred quotes per one hundred pages.


In what format will I receive my quotes?

We’ll send you a pdf document.


Can I see an example of your work?

Sure! Just click here.


How do you choose the quotes?

With curious eyes, a clear mind and an open heart! We look for quotes that are short and powerful. Often, the impact of a quote increases when they’re taken out of the context of a book or blog post to stand alone and shine for themselves.


What’s your workflow?

We’ll send you a proposal based on the length of your book including an estimate of when we’ll deliver. Once you give us green light, we ask you to send us the digital version of your book (pdf is best!) and we’ll start reading!


How much time does it take to have my quotes delivered?

This depends on the length of your writing, but we normally complete our work for our clients within four weeks.


Can we have a complimentary call first?

Of course! Just let us know and we’ll get one scheduled.


Do you give page references?

Yes. For every quote we find, based on the page numbering of your book.


How can I make sure my writing stays pure?

Sometimes it’s necessary to make little changes to get a quote that’s short and poignant, and that can shine for itself without the context.

Whenever we make a change we’ll always let you know.

These are the changes that we might suggest (see example here):

  • adding or changing punctuation
  • leaving out certain words that refer to a previous sentence or paragraph
  • abbreviating a sentence to distill its essence

We never change your formatting (bold, italics etc.).


Are you reachable throughout the process?

Absolutely. You can email us anytime and we will, on weekdays, respond within 24 hours. If you feel like you need a call, just let us know.


How and when do I pay?

You pay after we’ve delivered. We’ll send you an invoice that we expect to be paid via PayPal or Credit card within a week.


Is there a payment plan?

We don’t have a payment plan – we’re open to find individual solutions though.


Is there a money-back guarantee?

If you don’t like our work you don’t pay for it. We trust in your honesty.


Do you offer YOURquotes also in other languages?

We offer YOURquotes in English and German.


I’m a blogger. Can I benefit from YOURquotes as well?

Absolutely! You send us the links to the blog posts you want us to go treasure hunting in. We’ll send you an estimate. If this is acceptable to you, we’ll start distilling the most powerful quotes from your writings.


I’d love you to distill my most powerful quotes from my social media posts. Will you do that?

Yes, that’s possible, too. It mostly makes sense with longer posts that have a narrative. Once we know the scope of the work we’ll send you an estimate, and when you’re happy we’ll go find your most powerful quotes.


Do you also distill quotes from videos or podcast episodes?

If you have written transcripts, yes.


I would like to have memes designed – how’s the creation process?

We’ll talk about your wishes: discuss vision and branding, how many memes you’d like to have, and which elements you may want to contribute (like pictures, logos etc.). Based on that information, we’ll send you an estimate.

We’ll start out with three first drafts for you to choose from and will refine the design until you’re happy with it.

After you approve the design we’ll create the memes with the quotes of your choice.


What if I don’t like the memes you’ve created?

We’ll work on them until you’re really satisfied. In case we’re not able to make you happy we won’t charge you.


Can I order just a design template and then create the memes myself?

Yes, you can.


Can I order memes without you first distilling quotes for me?

That’s an option, too. Get in touch with us and we’ll find out together how we can serve you best.