Presenting your brilliance through the golden nuggets of your writing


Are you an author or blogger?

Are you aware that there are gems within your writing just waiting to be discovered?

Have you ever sifted through your own writing to find the most powerful quotes?

Imagine featuring bite-sized nuggets

— your own quotes —

to boost your readership!

We know it’s sometimes hard to see the sparkle in your own work.

That’s where we come in.

With “new” and curious eyes, we mine the precious golden nuggets from your writings. We also offer to create compelling memes out of them for you.

Enjoy greater success on social media, turn your quotes into printed gifts, feature them on your website, use them however you choose!



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Nowadays everyone has memes.

What sets Nina’s work apart is that she has a real instinct for pulling the most impactful quotes out of your work and letting them shine.

Nina thoughtfully and purposefully works through your content, books etc and pulls out the most beautiful gems.

I would highly recommend her to anyone memes.

She will capture the essence of you and your work beautifully.

Kitty Waters, host of KittyTalks

If you need someone to condense the message of your book or writings into powerful quotes, Nina is the perfect match!

She can easily spot the oneliners that stand out from your text. Oneliners that will hit home with your audience and make it possible for them to carry your message with them throughout their day or even their life as a transformative mantra.

Gift yourself and your audience with Nina’s eyes and big heart when it comes to bringing your message even further out in the world and let it create a ripple effect in our process of awakening.

Susanne Frandsen, Danish Author, Transformational Leader, Breakthrough coach, Passion Test Facilitator & Healer

The moment I received my first YOURquotes I was completely blown away.

Nina has the unique talent to extract the very essence of what you have written or spoken about in your online trainings and to bring it down to the point.

Very simple. Very impactful. Nina is going for gold and she finds it. First, I though thought this was about saving time, but truth been told:

I could have not done this myself. At least not this good and beautiful.

Thank you Nina.

Gido Schimanski, German Thought Leader and Personal Impact Coach


With all the content we need to create as online solo-entrepreneurs, we never really have the time to sit and read all the material we create and see if there’s something that can help send our message to our audience in a short, beautiful quote or idea.

Nina has been a magician going through all what I’ve written and found treasures that I even doubted I wrote.

Her fresh eyes, her perspective, her sensibility are reasons why I’m such in love with her work. She’s amazing and I strongly recommend her amazing work not only to online-entrepreneurs, but writers, teachers, podcasters… anyone who wants to send a clear message to the world.

Diana Tapia, Founder of The Worldwide Immigrants Association

When you put your heart and soul into your writing, whether for a book or any other medium, you often get so close to your message, it can be hard to extract the most juicy nuggets from it so others can benefit.

Nina has the ability to do this for you, presenting you with a beautiful summary of incredible phrases and quotes you won’t even realise you wrote. She does this with such skill, finding impactful quotes hidden in plain sight and wisdom drops in places you would never have looked. She has huge insight and understanding about what words will resonate with others most and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her work to anyone looking to impact others through their words.

Helen Rebello, Founder of The Magical Life Movement and Women’s Empowerment Mentor & Educator


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